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Electrical ProductsWe offer a broad range of electrical testers, electrical analyzers, and electronic safety test equipment to help you measure AC and DC current and voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance, harmonics, power energy, and more. Plus get the power supplies to keep your equipment running and the enclosures to protect your electrical and electronic products.


Batteries and Battery Testers

Batteries and Battery TestersWhen you need batteries and battery testers, we have a variety for your convenience. Select from button cell alkaline, alkaline, Li-ion, and rechargeable. Battery analyzers are available in analog and digital options.

Cable Testers

Cable TestersA cable tester evaluates whether a cable or wire is set up properly and connected correctly, ensuring that communication and electrical equipment is running smoothly. Use pipe locators, cable locators, and rebar locators to uncover underground energized and de-energized wires, cables, and pipes. From troubleshooting electrical/electronic circuits to measuring cable lengths, our selection of multinetwork and telecom cable testers, wire length meters, fault locators, line identifiers, wire tracers, and time domain reflectometers (TDR) are designed for linemen and frontline technicians in both the communication and power industries. 

Cable Ties

Cable Ties Cable ties (zip ties) are essential to keeping your space organized. Cable ties continue to hold tension even in oily spray or wet environments. Standard cable ties are available in lengths from 4" to 34" with tensile strength ratings from 18 to 175 pounds. There are releasable ties, ladder design ties for increased flexibility, barbed ties for easy cutting, and autoclavable ties. Tensioning tools ensure repeatable and uniform bundling. Tensioning tool models offer either a simple twist-to-cut mechanism or an aluminum model with adjustable pressure and automatic cutting. 

Clamp Meters

Clamp MetersClamp meters are used for convenience and safety. Using a clamp meter to measure current requires you to break the circuit and insert the meter in the line. A digital clamp meter is much easier and safer to use since it allows you to take measurements without opening the circuit. Range is another use for a clamp meter. Clamp meters can be used to measure much higher currents than a multimeter. We offer an extensive range of clamp meters for all of your measurement and trouble shooting applications. 

Electrical Accessories

Electrical AccessoriesOur broad range of electrical accessories will help ensure you electrical connections are safe and electrical equipment is working correctly. Be sure to test and replace equipment and accessories before they cause down time.

Electronics Enclosures

Electronics EnclosuresElectronics Enclosures, cabinets, and racks provide protection for electrical wiring, electronic systems, and sensitive instruments. We offer a range of products and brands that serve applications ranging from prototype boxes to environmentally controlled processing plant enclosures.

Function Generators

Electrical ProductsWe offer a broad range of electrical testers, electrical analyzers, and electronic safety test equipment to help you measure AC and DC current and voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance, harmonics, power energy, and more. Plus get the power supplies to keep your equipment running and the enclosures to protect your electrical and electronic products.

Gauss Meters

Gauss MetersGauss meters, also called Tesla meters, are used to measure electromagnetic fields (EMF) from wiring or power lines, magnetic fields around critical equipment, or measure magnetic shielding performance. When selecting a Gauss meter, consider the range, resolution, axis, accuracy, and outputs.

Insulation Testers

Insulation TestersInsulation testers play a vital role in troubleshooting, commissioning, and preventive maintenance programs for electrical equipment. Whether you are servicing motors, generators, or cables, we have the insulation resistance tester you need to quickly and accurately measure insulation resistance. An insulation resistance tester saves both time and money by identifying potential insulation problems early, rather than later, and prevents costly repairs and downtime. Select from our range of testers for all your insulation testing requirements. 

LCR Meters

LCR Meters LCR meters are an essential tool on any service bench, providing engineers and technicians a way to test electronics components during sorting or troubleshooting. This type of component tester measures the inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R) values of capacitors, resistors, inductors, diodes, or transistors. Some models also measure secondary parameters such as quality (Q), dissipation (D), phase angle, and ESR. Whether benchtop or handheld, an LCR meter typically features a wide range of test frequencies, averaging function, median mode, and communication interfaces.


Megohmmeters Megohmmeters help you ensure the safety of electrical installations and equipment. A portable megohmmeter is a rugged unit that can perform voltage, insulation, and capacitance measurements quickly and accurately. These units are designed for conducting high resistance or absorption tests, time resistance measurements, DAR and PI test, and are ideal for use on wiring installations, transformers, motors, generators, and more. Many of our megohmmeters are designed with built-in safety features like automatic test inhibition capability that will not allow test voltages to be generated if a live sample is detected. 

Motor Rotation Testers

Motor Rotation Testers If you are thinking of repairing a motor don't risk damaging it. Invest in a motor rotation tester. If you connect a motor to its load, but don't test the rotation, you could damage the motor. Also, run the motor backwards on your mixer and you could ruin your batch. A motor rotation tester is a handy tool to have on your workbench. Some motor rotation testers can complete phase-sequence and motor-rotation testing, plus perform additional continuity and polarity testing. 


Multimeters We offer a broad range of electrical testers, electrical analyzers, and electronic safety test equipment to help you measure AC and DC current and voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance, harmonics, power energy, and more. Plus get the power supplies to keep your equipment running and the enclosures to protect your electrical and electronic products.


OscilloscopesOscilloscopes are ideal for troubleshooting a circuit. These instruments will give you more information than a multimeter. We offer oscilloscopes in basic models packed with tools to help you learn and master the use of the oscilloscopes or oscilloscopes complete with a built-in spectrum analyzer. You can also contact us to configure your oscilloscope with the many software and analysis module options we offer.

Power Meters and Analyzers

Power Meters and Analyzers Power meters and analyzers are essential tools for validating your power system performance, diagnosing equipment failures, or assessing the quality of power at the service entrance, substation, or at the load. We carry power analyzers and meters to meet your testing requirements. This includes power quality analyzers that test single- and three-phase power. You also have the option to select a power analyzer that has the capability of saving, logging and, storing test data. 

Power Supplies

Power Supplies Keep your applications humming with our wide variety of power supplies. Power supplies come in standard as well as programmable, switching, high current, and multi-range models. We offer power supplies with low ripple and noise, USB, GPIB, LAN, and RS-232 connectivity. Benchtop power supply as well as rack-mount configurations allow you additional application flexibility. Our power supplies provide cost-effective, high power, regulated DC power. We also have AC power supplies. Models with fully-floating outputs can be adjusted independently or connected in series or parallel for higher voltages and currents. The small, compact designs are ideal for freeing up valuable bench space. 

Power/Voltage Controllers and Transformers

Power/Voltage Controllers and Transformers Use power/voltage controllers and transformers to control or regulate electrical energy. By regulating power, a voltage transformer or voltage controller can reduce the need to readjust the output voltage as load changes. In addition, these robust units do not cause waveform distortion, which eliminates errors in voltage and current measurement. Select from ventilated, steel-cased models for your benchtop or general utility mounting.

Resistance Testers

Resistance TestersResistance testers are available for insulation- and ground-resistance testing. Insulation resistance testing ensures transmission and distribution equipment continue to operate, eliminating outages or downtime. Test insulation on power MV and HV transformers, current transformers, cables, motors, generators, and circuit breakers. A ground-resistance tester is typically used to measure power and cell tower grounding, monitor sub-stations, perform plant maintenance, assess insulation resistance, and deliver results for similar industrial electrical applications. Some automated testers conduct the test and do the calculations for you. We have a wide variety of basic and advanced testers.

RF Signal Generators

RF Signal Generators RF signal generators, or microwave signal generators, provide many measurements for a variety of applications requiring electromagnetic signals. Signal generators are ideal for R&D labs; test bench testing at industrial and electronic manufacturers, service and repair facilities; special RF testing and repair work; and education institutions for setting up new computers.

Static Control Products

Static Control Products Static control products help eliminate static electricity. When electrons travel between two objects that have opposing electrical charges you get static electricity. A shocking handshake occurs when one person has a negative charge and the other person doesn't.

Surge Protectors

Surge Protectors Surge protectors are used to shield electrical equipment from stray power spikes. Choose from models that can be interfaced with a standard plug and those that can be hardwired.

Test Leads and Probes

Test Leads and Probes Test leads and probes are essential for any test work area. We have universal test leads and test probes for all your instruments. Select from premium and industrial test leads and sets.

Voltage Detectors

Voltage Detectors A voltage detector is a must-have for your toolbox. If you are on a site where vital equipment is down, and you need to check quickly and easily for the presence of voltage around an area where repairs need to be performed, a non-contact voltage (NCV) detector is invaluable. With an NCV detector, this vital first-step safety check easily alerts you with visible and audible alarms if live voltage is nearby that should be avoided or powered down. We have a wide selection for your consideration.