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Flow, Level and ValvesWe have an extensive range of flow controllers and flow indicators for both liquid and gas applications. We specialize in flow measurement and control of media in flow lines less than 2". Our level control instrumentation is perfect for use with small to medium process and industrial tanks and storage vessels. Choose from level sensors, float switches, optical switches, and ultrasonic transmitters/controllers for single-point control, dual-point control, continuous-level control, and leak detection. Our valve selection offers solutions to meter and control fluids in laboratory, process, and industrial applications. Types of valves available include options from simple and inexpensive plastic ball valves to actuated solenoid and manifold valves. Other types of valves include check, diaphragm, elliptical, metering, needle, pinch, proportioning, and stopcocks. To fit your fluid path, connection types include barbed, compression, luer, sanitary clamp, NPT, and true-union.

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ValvesSelect valves based on your application and maintenance requirements. We have a large selection of manual and actuated valves in a wide variety of materials and sizes. Consider your fluid type and its characteristics to determine compatible valve material. Determine the temperature, pressue, and flow rate. For solenoid valves, look at the response time and length of time the valve will be energized.